The body beautiful : Go Toyama will give your vehicle eye-catching good looks with his imported kits


Auto decoration is an art, one that sometimes takes a combination of styles to make a vehicle look good.

“I like beauty and distinctiveness, so I decorated my own car uniquely. Personally, I prefer body decoration to high-speed engine modification. I drive my car very fast, but not always, so that’s why I prefer body decoration. I like the American style of decoration, but Japanese luxury-car style is the most popular, so I chose to combine the two,” says Go Toyama.

Toyama, from Japan, is an importer of body kits.

He said he decorated his car by installing a Japanese luxury body kit and putting on 19-inch “bling” mag wheels to reflect American style.

He replaced air suspension with conventional spring suspension. Air suspension uses compressed air as a spring, allowing the car to settle to the ground or adjust upwards.

“I always lift my car off the ground when driving and sit it down close when parked. Roads here are bumpy, so it’s very difficult to ride extremely low,” he said.

The interior is also ripe for decoration, he says.

“Absolutely, when we decorate the exterior, we must decorate the interior, as well. I did both to make my car look good. My decoration style is gaining popularity in Thailand. It’s good that we have more choices now,” he said.

“If we pay to make something look more beautiful, we must consider whether what we will do is the same as what others have done. If we pay for the same thing, that’s not cool.”

Car decoration is not only his favourite hobby, but also his business.

“I just travelled to Phnom Penh, where there’s a lot of foreign businessmen, to observe how popular car decoration was there. Many European and American cars are imported by those businessmen. I was delighted to see this decoration style gaining in popularity in several countries in the region, because it’s modification for beauty, not high performance. Driving at high speeds can be dangerous if something crops up,” he said.

Thanadol Rila

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