Forward Email
  • Email Forwarding from standard POP and IMAP accounts and Secure (SSL) POP and IMAP accounts.
  • Forward from AOL Email Forwarding, Yahoo Email Forwarding, Google Gmail, Hotmail Email Forwarding, and MSN Email Forwarding.
  • Forward to any email address or mobile text message device such as cell phone, iPhone, pager, PDA, or Blackberry.
  • Email forwards are retained on your originating checked account. Deleting after email forward is an option.
  • Forward email from multiple accounts to multiple destinations.
  • Use round robin forwarding to distribute email forwards across multiple email destinations turn by turn. This is most useful when forwarding sales leads across your sales team so that only one person gets each sales lead.
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Run 24/7
  • Runs on VersaForward's secure servers.
  • Updated and maintained by VersaForward.
  • Provides over 99.9% uptime with redundant internet connections.
  • Constant monitoring ensures reliabilty.
Retain Original From Address
  • Forward emails with original From, To, and CC addresses retained so you can easily reply to your messages.
Remove Spam & Viruses
  • Filter annoying spam email so that they are not forwarded.
  • Adjustable spam thresholds to meet your custom needs.
  • Filter harmful viruses so that they are not forwarded.
Define Customized Filters
  • Forward only messages meeting your From, Subject, or Content criteria.
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Define Customized Scheduling
  • Forward email messages that arrive only during the times that you specify.
  • Pause email forwarding for any period of time which is useful if you are traveling out of the country.
Manage Your VersaForward Accounts
  • Login to your account through the website to:
    • View account email forward statistics
    • Update your billing
    • Update email login information such as a password change
    • Change your forwarding destination or add more emails to forward to
    • Pause and resume your email forwarding
    • Increase or decrease your email account's check frequency
    • Make other changes such as to your filtering or scheduling
Apply Advanced Text Reduction™
  • Used for most cell phones and pagers because they have 100-200 character limits.
  • Turns "We will see you at the concert" into "We'llSeeYou@TheConcert".
  • Provides 20-30% more text. Default option when forwarding to text constrained devices.
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