Frequently Asked Questions

What is VersaForward Service Email Forwarding?
VersaForward Service is a monthly subscription service that forwards your email to other email accounts, cell phones, iPhones, Blackberrys, and pagers. It is used worldwide by businesses, government, students, and others who want to stay connected. See the Email Forward Features page for details and the License Agreement.

How do I get started?
Click Trial Sign-up at the top right of any page. This will start your free one week trial to test out the service.

Before the trial has ended, click Account Login at the top right of any page to subscribe to the paid service. If you do not wish to continue after the trial, you do not need to do anything to cancel. If you are using a POP Server, please be sure to leave a copy of your email messages on the server.

What does it cost?
Pricing is based on how often your email is checked for new mail. You can then pay monthly or receive a 15% discount if you pay every 6 months.

  Account Check Frequency    Cost per Month    Cost every 6 Months  
1 minute $34.95 $178.24
5 minutes $24.95 $127.24
10 minutes $16.95 $86.44
30 minutes $9.95 $50.74
90 minutes $4.95 $25.24

If you subscribe, your credit card will be billed monthly or every 6 months according to the pricing list above. Custom solutions are available.

Check Frequency is the maximum amount of time it will take VersaForward Service to forward your new mail after it arrives. The shorter the check frequency, the closer you are to instantly receiving new messages.

Business solutions and volume discounts for more than 5 accounts are available by emailing

Do the original emails get deleted after forwarding?
No, by default VersaForward Service forwards the email but does not automatically delete it from the account it checks. You can choose to have your emails deleted after they are forwarded if you wish.

I am traveling for a few days and do not want to get any forwards during that time. How do I pause the service?
You can pause your forwarding by logging in to your account at the top right of any page at Account Login. Once you would like your forwarding to resume, you can also restart your forwarding in the same manner.

Why do you need my email account login information?
We use your information solely for the purpose of checking your account for new email.

Maintaining your privacy is important to us. We use secure 128-bit encryption certified by GeoTrust so that your email, password, credit card, and personal information is kept safe. We will not sell, share, or rent your information to others. See the License Agreement for the more information.

Can I change my service plan to a higher/lower check frequency?
Yes, at any point you can change your plan. Click on Account Login at the top of any page to login where you will see the option to increase or decrease your check frequency.

I shutdown my email account. Can I forward that email to another address?
No, your email account that you wish to forward from must be active. If you cannot access your email, neither can VersaForward.

My password or other account details are changing. What should I do?
Click on Account Login at the top of any page to login. You can change your password there which will update our system immediately. You can also change your email forward destination.

Our business is considering using your service. What pricing options are available?
Volume discounts can start with just 5 accounts. Please contact us with the number of accounts you plan on checking, your desired check frequency, and any information on the type of service you are seeking. Email

Is there any service time period commitment?
No, you can cancel your service at any time. You would only be billed for your current 1 month or 6 month billing period.

Are there any other costs to using this service?
Not by us. If you are forwarding your email to a cell phone, pager, Blackberry or other device, there are sometimes charges from your carrier for text messages (also known as SMS). Please contact your carrier for more information.

What types of email accounts can be checked?
VersaForward Service can check all standard email accounts (POP, IMAP, secure (SSL) POP, and secure (SSL) IMAP), plus AOL, GMail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and MSN.