How to Forward Emails to your iPhone

The Apple iPhone has an email client called Mail which can check POP or IMAP email accounts. One limitation is that it cannot check hotmail accounts. Another limitation is that each account you want to check is more work the iPhone has to do which will drain the battery very quickly. VersaForward can help you get your hotmail email on your iPhone and consolidate your accounts to one for easier access on the iPhone while saving battery life.

Hotmail iPhone Access

First you will need to setup an email account on your iPhone. If you don't have one, you can get a free Yahoo or Google Gmail account. You can setup a free trial of VersaForward Service to forward your hotmail address to your account being checked on your iPhone.

iPhone Email Consolidation

First you will need to setup one of your email accounts on your iPhone. You can then setup Email Forwarding by VersaForward Service to forward other accounts to that address. Alternatively, you could run home desktop software to do the same with either VersaForward Professional or VersaForward Personal. You can start a free trial of VersaForward Service.