How to Forward AOL Email

There are two ways VersaForward can help with AOL mail forwarding.

VersaForward Service

The first approach of Email Forwarding is the easiest and what we recommend for most people. You can sign-up for VersaForward Service and provide us with your AOL login information. Our service is always running and will forward your new AOL emails to your mobile device (Blackberry, iPhone, or cell phone) or other email address.

VersaForward Personal

The second approach is more difficult and only recommended for advanced users. Our VersaForward Personal software can be installed and run on your home computer. It does require that your computer is always running when you want your AOL forwarding. VersaForward Personal is designed to work with IMAP email accounts. In order to use AOL via IMAP, your VersaForward Personal Servers tab should look something like this:

If using VersaForward Personal with AOL's SMTP server, the original email From cannot be retained because AOL's SMTP server requires your valid AOL From address. This is not a problem for VersaForward Service. An alternative in VersaForward Personal would be to use a non-AOL SMTP server.

Both VersaForward Service and VersaForward Personal can be setup to forward only the AOL emails you may want with filters. In addition to that, VersaForward Service can also filter out any undesirable spam emails you may get at your AOL account.